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The Electronic Age has ushered in massive change. Every new technology quickly renders legacy equipment obsolete. Network Lifecycle Management is a newly created term that encompasses all aspects of upgrading technology assets in the network to decommissioning them at the end of their useful life and selling or properly disposing of the eScrap.

In 2006,Urban Mining2 began the development of what is now a world-class, state-of-the-art resource recovery facility capable of extracting the highest percentages of commodities from eScrap for its clients. Additionally, Urban Mining2 provides reuse equipment sales, network decommissioning, destruction services and the development of trade-in programs for manufacturers.

We have contracts with Fortune 500 and targeted industry companies in which we de-install, remove, ship, sort, report, sell reuse items (into our international, end user, e-commerce, dealer, manufacturer and wholesale buying channels), remove components and disassemble eScrap down to the commodity level using processes and technologies in which we’ve invested a great deal of time and money. With vast amounts of expertise in this area, we offer valuable insights into gaining the highest and most environmentally-friendly returns for excess assets. We are different because we extract 10% to 30% more valuable materials, which we refer to as eScrap Resource Recovery 2.0™

Picture this: Just outside of Denver, CO with an incredible view of the Rocky Mountains, workers dismantle thousands of pounds of electronics every day, by skilled hands, down to the commodity and component level. Manufacturers produce new items from the resulting raw materials, and repair houses restore life into old products with the components.

A plethora of workstations outfitted with air scrubbers, specially designed lighting and custom tools are used by workers wearing safety gear and HEPA-filter breathing apparatus who implement eScrap Resource Recovery 2.0™  processes. These methods enable them to properly disassemble eScrap quickly and carefully.

workers dismantle thousands of pounds of electronics every day, by skilled hands, down to the commodity and component level.


To be the premier certified electronics recycling and Resource Recovery service provider to companies with legacy network equipment in industries such as telecom carriers, cable TV providers, utility companies and data centers.  This includes providing battery recycling and data destruction services.


Urban Mining2 clients will always receive premium customer service and the highest returns from our asset disposition and recycling electronics services of their end-of-life electronic assets. We employ the most environmentally responsible, secure and safe methods to achieve these goals.


Drive growth by targeting the core, high-growth volume sectors while continually improving and providing premium resource recovery methodologies.


In 1996, North American Technology Exchange (NATEX) was established as a pre-owned electronics company. Over the years, it has opened a number of subsidiaries. In 2012, Rare Earth Recovery, LLC was established as a west coast operation for warehousing materials. In 2013, Advanced Ionics, LLC was established for the recovery and refining of precious and semi-precious metals. In October of 2012, R2 Disassembly, LLC, was established for the purpose of properly recycling electronics. In March of 2012, Urban Mining2 was established for materials acquisition, sales and marketing. It is very important to NATEX that each area of their recycling business is responsible for its own Profit and Loss. This ensures maximum efficiencies and focus of resources.


Wade Luther, Founder & CEOWade Luther, Founder & CEO
Urban Mining Resources

Wade Luther, founder and CEO of Urban Mining Resources and its subsidiaries, has had profit and loss responsibility in the secondary market for over 21 years. Wade gained his initial experience working with electronics in the military at National Security Agency in the late eighties. Upon leaving the Government in 1991, he worked as founder and CEO at Columbia Computers in Columbia, Maryland. After selling his stake in that corporation, he worked as a founder and principal at International Technology Exchange in Jessup, MD, sold that company and then founded North American Technology Exchange in Boulder, Colorado in February of 1996. Wade has served as a member of the Governor’s Task Force For Recycling Electronics in Colorado and derives great enjoyment in meeting with other entrepreneurs and business owners to discuss common experiences and trade war stories. As a serial entrepreneur, Wade views business as a creative endeavor, which has virtually infinite potential for the empowerment of the individual within the context of community.

Pam Gorski, PresidentPam Gorski, Executive Vice President of  Sales
Urban Mining2, LLC

Pam Gorski has been a part of the team for over seven years as the Executive Vice President of Sales. She brings to Urban Mining2 over 30 years of experience in the IT/Computer and Telecom environment. She started and ran her own business for over 13 years in which she worked closely with large corporations. Pam understands the concept of helping her clients recoup money from their investments, along with assisting them in building their future equipment needs.


Tenzin Jigme, Senior Accounts ManagerTenzin Jigme, Senior Accounts Manager
Urban Mining2, LLC

Tenzin Jigme is the Senior Accounts Executive at Urban Mining2 and responsible for all sales activities, including building and retaining clientele for Urban Mining2. He has served in a variety of positions for over 9 years there including international online sales. Tenzin takes a thoughtful and efficient approach toward the needs of his clients. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Marilyn Coates, ComptrollerMarilyn Coates, Comptroller
North American Technology Exchange, Holdings & Financial Corporation

Marilyn Coates has 30 years of experience in administrative, contracts management, and accounting. Her 15 years of entrepreneurial accomplishments as the owner/comptroller of her own business brings creative awareness and understanding to the administrative management team of North American Technology Exchange and its subsidiaries.